Why Longhand

Every community is what it is because of its people, and each person has a story (or stories) to tell. How those stories are told is important.

Longhand came about as a way to exercise editorial control. As a small and independent publication, I want readers to know the difference between paid or sponsored content and other articles.

This is a promise to be clear with readers about when something is or was paid for, including receiving sample products or sponsored travel. I write about what I choose to write about. It's that simple.

Longhand Philosophy

Humans are interesting creatures. How and why we choose to live the way we do differs from one individual to another, even for those with similar beliefs or perspectives. When we excavate below the layers that build up over time, we uncover a more complete story.

I take notes in longhand, often without a recording device. Is this efficient? Maybe, or maybe not. The method I choose to capture what I hear is, to me, part of the writing process - how a story is told to me in that moment, if the sun warmed my arms, whether a cat jumped on my lap. This is less transcription and more filtration - akin to stories passed down from one generation to the next. Or maybe it's more like a distillery: my experiences are the plates, or filters, allowing the filtered elements to rise and become part of the final product.

With Longhand, the filter of me is a distillation and the story is your gin - or spirit of choice. Cheers.


Jeannette LeBlanc

publisher, writer

Third person narrative is for publications with more than one person under the roof, and that's not Longhand. I'm a freelance writer based in the Okanagan since 2007, with a focus on food and wine. An unrelenting curiosity has taken me deeper into farm fields, through harvest/vintage in a rustic winery, and even to the occasional abattoir.

This inquisitive nature means I have more questions than answers, lately about how we build and sustain our community food systems. From dusty vineyards and well-worn boots to starlit dinners and not-so-sensible shoes, I'm happiest unearthing the stories of a place and its people.

I hold an undergraduate degree from Simon Fraser University in Business and the Humanities, and somehow completed WSET Level 3 with merit. My home is in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley with a large wine cellar and a cat named Tippy.

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